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This answer largely duplicates my answer to a similar question: The short answer is "No, it's likely that there is nothing you can do to hold building management liable for the theft of your bike." I am neither a lawyer nor a resident of Australia where it seems this happened, so this longer answer is to the best of my layman's understanding and you should ...


If you are insured make an insurance claim and they will follow up on any legal liability someone else might have, but you get a replacement bike quickly. If you are not insured, you are in a lose/lose and maybe lose some more situation. You can accept that your bike got stolen and get on with life. Or you could sue a large property investment company and ...


As others have already explained, cutting through one 10 mm bit of metal is definitely easier than cutting through an 18 mm one. In addition to that point the U-lock you use as a comparison would also require cuts on both sides as this video explains. This is basically because the locking mechanism locks both sides, and as you would need a massive tool to ...


I believe this is the best out there.. http://cycletechreview.com/2013/reviews/spylamp2/

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