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Simply fit a wicker shopping basket on the front! No,I'm not joking; You must try to read Mel Allwood 'THE TOTAL BIKE MAINTENANCE BOOK' pages 28-33.


Cover brand names on your bike with tape. One of my bikes is a Cannondale. First thing I did was to cover with tape all the letters. Looks uglier, but doesn't cry "I'm an expensive brand!".


Some of what does and doesn't work, based on two great sources: a study in Montreal, and the USDOJ's COPS program's paper on bike theft prevention: What Works: Adequate Locks I won't discuss the matter in detail since it's not part of the question, but adequate locks and locking technique are the most important method of prevention for most people. Both ...


It is effective against certain kinds of bike theft, particularly if you already lock up your bike effectively every single time (which is a good assumption if you're willing to go through the trouble to uglify it). Many people swear by it. For example, LDS missionaries in Taiwan repaint their new bikes poorly as a matter of tradition. As Daniel already ...


Its hard to say for a few reasons, but I'd be inclined to tend towards its not very effective: 1) People have to be aware of it. 2) It doesn't physically provide any security. 3) The people who use this are likely to use it on nicer bikes so it could act as an attracting mark. As far as I can tell, for the most part, the stickers could easily be ...

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