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Option 1 - Nothing Many fixed gear riders are short distance, and tend to be close to home. The creed is to remove superfluous things from the bike making it lighter and simpler. Why carry tools at all? All you need is a cellphone, or some way to pay for taxi. Some tyres have a phenomenal puncture resistance, so this makes punctures less likely, at the ...


I just called Park Tool. They said the reason they don't advertise it as 11 speed is because it will not work with Campagnolo 11 speed due to the peening. However, for Shimano or SRAM it should be fine. Thanks for the help!


There are chain tools out there (for Shimano/SRAM) which are recommended for 10 speed but not 11 speed (and Campagnolo needs a 11 speed chain tool for peening); Pedros makes at least one which they specifically mark this way (the ICM Multi Tool). The problem with using a chain tool not designed for 11 speed might be due to the dimensions of the rivets and ...


All the answers above are good. I also carry these items Plastic cable ties / zip ties. Plastic bags (well fresh dog poop bags live in my pocket normally) Master link for rejoining chain 6" piece of brake inner cable with soldered ends, for undoing a tight master link Presta-schrader valve adapter Personal first aid kit - very small Metallic heat ...

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