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We have a terminology index here that should help you with the more common names. Please feel free to suggest anything that is missing (we do try to keep adding things that are missing) Unfortunately it doesn't currently have the things you're asking about. The part you've shown is a freewheel, and the tool is called a freewheel remover. You also need a ...


You likely want a floor (track) pump - something that looks like this: (Image from here) Most good floor (track) pumps have support for both Presta and Schrader valves, usually through two opposite ends of the chuck: (Image from here) If your pump only supports Schrader valves but you have a Presta valve, you can go to your bike shop and buy an ...


If you have a modern bicycle, it's a cassette in English. And the tools are a chain whip and a lockout ring remover or cassette remover. With Chain Reaction and Wiggle it is possible to choose French for the language, even if you are in England (I do the opposite in France ;-) )

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