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I chose the internet to find the answer to the question which way does each pedal loosenand from what ive learned I would answer your question with ' put the wrench on the pedal at 12 o'clock like the arm on a clock and turn it towards the back of the bike for both sides to loosen, I may be wrong but I'm about to try and find out for myself.


The problem with a lot of mnemonics is that it depends on which side of the bike you are looking at. Since Shimano pedals are attached using a hex wrench from the side opposite the pedal, the "righty-tighty" rule does not really work effectively. What I remember is the way the bolt has to turn is "ride on, back off". In other words, if you want to put the ...


You need a large allen key, often an 8mm to tighten that centre bolt right down. It'll pull the crank arm onto the spindle and secure it. The LH-FSA-AL ring is the self extracting bolt, the internal hex bolt pushes on the back of it to pull the crank off without extra tools. That has a left hand thread so that it doesn't unscrew as the internal bolt ...

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