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Take your rear wheel off and visually inspect the cassette. Compare with this answer and see which you have. Given bikepedia says 8 speed, its most likely to be a cassette. This is a freehub with a cassette. Note the ring of indentations just inside where it says 12T. That silver ring will unscrew ...


I've used the Park Tools BB30 tool thing and a bar clamp (eg this) to squeeze pressfit bbs in. I can't speak for headsets though. I've found that local bike clubs are a good way of gaining access to specific tools like this. Especially as they can be expensive considering how many times you might need to use them. And you get the bonus of someone who's ...


I use 8 oz. flip-top bottles. They're inexpensive, easy to find, and the top does double duty as a spot applicator. They cost forty-seven cents a piece. I bought four so I could have extra bottles of lube in my car, on my bikes, and in my garage. Their 2-3 business day shipping was very reasonable for where I live (Maryland).

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