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I contacted FSA and was told no tool exists for pressing/removing the 19mm BB. So I proceeded with the cave man approach: I used a long 3/8" extension (female side against the BB bearing) and hammer to knock out the left side, it came out easy. The right side was a challenge with the same setup (it would not budge) , I ended up punching the bearing out of ...


I've got the following sorted so far, so here are some answers about the first part of the process for me. Next up will be installing the groupset. Wheels: 27 inch wheels are slightly narrower in width, and greater in rim diameter than the closest modern standard, 700c. In order to fit a modern 700c wheel you will have to worry about two things: The ...


I think it depends on your frame, I have a 1973 Peugeot UO-8 which I replaced the 27inch wheels with 700 28CC and even replaced the handle bars with modern alu bars from MEC. The seat is now a Brooks and because the seat post tubes on french bikes are smaller I had to use a BMX chromoly post. My bottom bracket is a new square one from Velo-Orange instead of ...


Punching a bb out with a screwdriver or similar won't necessarily destroy it as long as you are careful.

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