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I just tried a google image search to see what they look like because I'm not familiar with Miche. The pic isn't perfect, but does give an idea that the splines don't have a taper on them like yours. Glad you were able to sort it with your LBS.


According to the website for your bike (http://2014.merida-bikes.com/en_int/bikes/cross/cross/2014/crossway-40-md-390.html), you have an SR Suntour XCM crankset. The documentation for that crankset (http://www.srsuntour-cycling.com/bike/chainwheels/XCM-XCM-T428-SQ-OCTA-4212.html) indicates it's compatible with this bottom bracket ...


If you only need to remove the chain ring then a simple Allen wrench They are typically 5 mm Hex key If they spin then use a flat head screw driver on the the other end but they typically do not spin. There are also chain ring wrenches for the other side if a flat head screw driver does not work. And can use a 10 mm wench on other side but too much to ...


It's hard to tell whether your crank is a classical design or something new and weird. For the classical design you use a "crank puller". or These look sort of like what you show, but you notice the "barrel" is threaded. You remove the bolt holding the crank on (using a standard "Allen" hex wrench) and then thread in the outer barrel of the puller, ...


Front chainrings are not called cassette. They are reffered to as chainrings and cranks. You will need a hex key and a special too called crank extractor (or crank puller). Your posted eBay tool is suitable for "real" cassette only. You may need also a tool called chain whip for that.

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