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This is not going to work. You won't permanently change the shape of the rim by just smooshing it between two concrete discs, as in order to permanently bend metal you need to exceed the yield stress of the metal and plastically deform it. This means that to bend something to a shape, it has to be precisely bent further than its ultimate designed bend, then ...


I'm not a metallurgist, but I would think that once the rim is bent enough that you're looking to straighten it, it's been weakened enough that I wouldn't trust it for riding on.


http://www.parktool.com/product/crank-and-bottom-bracket-wrench-hcw-5 This tool should do to remove the lockring at which point the chaincase mount should be able to be removed. The inner indents don't look to match any splined BB tool I've ever come across though.


That's the chain guard bracket and it would likely come off with a bottom bracket lockring tool. The fixed cup of the bottom bracket should be behind it.

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