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Those are called gumwalls. With this keyword you can easily search for them. Brands I see mounted on my friend's bikes are the likes of bontrager, panaracer, schwalbe, but Id say that most tyre manufacturers have a gumwall offer.


There are a lot of factors that go into your speed and efficiency, and this switch touches several of them: Rider Position: Typically, a bike with touring geometry will have a slightly longer wheelbase, and lower bottom bracket. Along with other geometry tweeks, the result is that on a touring bike you are likely to be in a slightly more upright position, ...


Panaracer Pasela PT are an excellent road/light touring tan sidewall tire, but they're lighter than the Marathon, which is more of a heavy duty loaded touring/urban tire. There's also the Rivendell Ruffy Tuffy, which are decent but I like the Pasela PT more. The Black/Tan version of the Michelin World Tour is in the same genre as the Marathon but not as ...


I worked with someone who was a bike designer at cannondale a few years ago. He had told me the frames were designed to be cycle loaded 1,000,000 times before failure. So that means the frame could be loaded to the full design stress one million times before failure. Also welding a cracked frame is a VERY bad idea. The aluminum is heat treated. Welding it ...

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