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Yes, you can use that bike for touring. Probably not "proper loaded touring" which is the most traditional type, but light touring, i.e. sleeping in hotels and not carrying a lot of food or luxury items like a laptop. You have a few options to outfit the bike with a modest amount of cargo capacity: Tubus Fly Classic rear rack with the Tubus QR axle ...


This bike is a poor choice for any touring where you have to carry things (if you're doing a supported tour, you may be able to pass with it). It doesn't have rack+fender mounts and doesn't have particularly tough wheels. Depending on the type of touring you're doing, you should look at some touring bikes like the Surly Long Haul Trucker or Trek 520. ...


I've put up an extensive article on the subject here - http://www.bretonbikes.com/generalarticles/700cvs26inch.html It's typically opinionated and I don't expect everyone to agree, but it is written from huge (unique?) experience and I hope will encourage people to at least think about the subject

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