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For a nice pic, see For the specs see Unless you read French, you'll need to translate the terms. (I see it says the tires are 700c, and on my reading it doesn't mention frame material).


So you're asking "what do I look for when inspecting a vintage bike with intent to purchase" ? Firstly are you after a machine to ride? Or something old to collect and store? Because the requirements are totally different Your questions: The wheel size will be 27" in steel from new, or it could have been swapped out with 27" alloy or 700c alloy or steel. ...


I have some BR-IM45s, and some BR-IM70s (which have large cooling fins), on a couple of my bikes, although they're only used for relatively lightly-loaded commuting (typically only around 20m per day, load of around 15kgs, rolling along at 15mph). They're actually pretty easy to strip down and service, though this simply consists of disassembly, degrease, ...

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