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For B&B touring on a road bike, large seat bag works nicely. The weight is higher on the bike than with rear rack and panniers, but it solves clearance issues. Carradice of Nelson makes some nice ones. Brake power on a road bike is mostly limited by weight distribution. You will lift the rear wheel before locking the front wheel or running out of ...


Go 25 or better 28mm: the rolling resistance will be lower for the same pressure as your 23s - or you can reduce pressure a bit on the 25 or 28s for comfort and the same rolling resistance as the 23s - and still with the bigger tyre not get pinch punctures. There's lots on the web about going for bigger tyres - a lot of racers are now going for 25s!


I would avoid a trailer. On rear rack you are going to have heal clearance limits. It may seem extreme but get a front fork with braze-ons. Braze-on on the inside and outside for really solid rack mounting - check out the Salsa Vaya. Not going to cost you more than a trailer and ride a lot nicer. Also consider frame bags. Check out ...

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