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I have two bikes VERY similar to yours; same components, brakes, fork crown... One of them has no branding on it. The other is branded "Cobra" and says "made for Eaton's". Eaton's was a Canadian department store chain. Did some research; Raleigh England made the bikes under the brand Cobra for sale at Eaton's. So, your D-114 may actually have been made by ...


Get it serviced. If your not sure what your looking for a service is a must, go visit your local bike shop and explain what your plans are. Also, M Check. I always do the M check before a long ride or once per week. M-Check : Enjoy your ride


Two bikes locked together with a D lock aren't the sort of thing a thief would like to be seen carrying. A cable lock to a solid object such as a car is a good backup. For securing kayaks, rather thin cables are sold that can be shut in the car doors and either padlocked inside the car or trapped in the doors. With a rear carrier, the towing eye can ...


I used to take the family bikes over to western Europe and never had a problem leaving them overnight. This would have been maybe USD3000s worth of bikes at various places in France, Germany and Benelux. First of all I was able to lock the rack onto the car - it was a pretty Mickey-Mouse lock but would nevertheless deter an opportunist thief. Next I would ...


The other question to ask is the length of the top tube and how that compares with what you have. I agree with Kibbee that it sounds like with an 80 cm inseam, you should be on the larger bike. Still, it is easier to get a long stem on a smaller bike if it fits otherwise.


I think it's silly and you should get a touring bike. However, if you run Dura Ace with those derailleurs, the front derailleur will work like normal. For the rear derailleur, you'll have to give a little slack and instead of pulling it straight out to pinch, you have to bend the line to a 90 degree angle and then pinch. If you have more questions, check out ...

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