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To answer question 3: Any tips for reducing bulk in general? Here are some tips on reducing clothing bulk. When doing a long tour I swapped out cotton t-shirts for dri-fit/climacool-type ones. They pack smaller, dry quicker when laundered and can be used on and off the bike. Three t-shirts like this should be enough for both riding and non-riding ...


I haven't built a bike trailer but used a B.O.B. Yak for a trip from the UK down through Europe. It was a great trailer and we were able to fit a large 2-man tent in there plus other stuff. We also had front and back panniers. See here: http://www.bobgear.com/bike-trailers/yak I now use a Burley D'Lite with 2 toddlers in it. Even though you could fit ...


Riding 50 miles (80km) in a day is a fairly modest goal. Doing it three days in a row is only slightly more ambitious. As a fit (as you will be when you do it) person to ride 80km, you could expect to take 3 to 3.5 hours if you rode hard, and 4 hours if you took it easy. The difference is how you will feel the next day. For the actual ride, plan on taking ...


Just start riding and work your way up. Ride 3-5 days per week, starting with 10 miles per ride. Add 5-10 miles per week to your rides until you can do 50 and still be ready to ride again the next day. That should get you in condition for a 150-mile ride (spread over 3 days) within one to two months.


Having received an answer from Oxford: As regards spacers, cycle tourists want/need a low stand over height, so that their bikes handle nicely and so that they can stop easily and grip their bike between their thighs when fully loaded. However, many cycle tourists want a head-up relatively high front end so that they can see into the middle ...


Being of the female persuasion, I sometimes bring a maxi dress in a lightweight fabric that I can throw on over cycling gear. I bike in Keen sandals, which are good enough for casual restaurants. I've found that many restaurants near a bike trail are used to it, even appreciate bikers as customers. (Shout-out to the Grumpy Troll in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin!)


Just a matter of priorities, really. If I'm riding out to a meal, then I'll wear clothing appropriate for the meal, and choose my bike accordingly. However if I'm out on a day's ride, I'll dress appropriate for the ride and a spare set of clothes just represents bulk. Do I really want to carry that extra weight? No way. Third scenario, if I am away on a ...

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