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Have you ever changed the back wheel for one with a wider axle? I get a similar effect on my old 15 speed MTB, which was a 5 speed rear. When I fitted a wider wheel with a 7 speed freehub, the dropouts needed spreading by a couple millimetres. I did not parallel the dropouts, so they're very slightly shaped like / \ The upshot is that the Quick ...


It is possible that you put not enough torque on axle nuts. The axle moves in the fork. If there is enough space, add some extra, broad spacers and then screw it back to the frame. Use this kind of spacer (it's from Sram I-3, might require some drilling)


This should work. I use the Thule Chinook 1 with my Brompton folding bike. The only inconvenience is that the front wheel is best not folded down but removed. The clearance with the ground is too low. But when you remove the front wheel, it works perfectly. Based on this experience I would say yes!


Before you buy one, ride a couple of different trikes. It's worth spending $500 doing that before spending $5000 on buying one. You might be able to find a local recumbent group, or a retailer with demo units. The IHPVA is a good start for the former, or the usual social media. half as much load per tire... Trike weight distribution and handling is ...

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