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Gasoline was used for many years as an inexpensive readily available solvent. There are a couple of real life issues with using gasoline for a solvent. It is very flammable thus a fire hazard. It is absorbed through the skin and it is toxic when inhaled in high concentrations. You have to find a way of disposing of the remaining dirty solvent. Pouring it on ...


Using gasoline as a solvent won't harm your bearings. It may dissolve some plastic components though. The drawbacks of using gasoline are mainly due to its properties other than as a solvent: it's volatility, flammability, and that it is toxic, as it will harm your skin if exposed to it for long periods of time, and that it requires careful disposal. ...


If kerosene is an option, then go with kerosene. It's much safer than gasoline. Accidents happen. Be safe.


Your first link is to the site that runs the trails and they have a trail map. baytrail.org/baytrailmap


Take these factors into consideration: A horse is a fairly typical herd herbivore. It is mainly concerned about large, fast-moving predators. Its main means of defence is running away as fast as possible and hoping the predator gets one of the other horses in the herd instead. Its secondary defence is kicking the **** out of anything that gets in a ...

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