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Yes, this is absolutely normal, and yes, its also trainable. Basically, from the information you have given, you have just tried to do too much too soon. You did 5000km last year which averages around 100km/wk and you have now asked your body to do 340km in the space of 4 days which is a massive leap. Since you are already able to complete a 200km ride, ...


I am a long distance rider. You don't sound unfit. A few things to look at: Diet. Eating the correct food at the correct times greatly affects your performance and recovery. Your post-ride recovery drink/ meal is as important as the ride itself and should be taking within 30min of getting off the bike. Remember you're always eating for the next day. ...


I wear it on my thigh, under my workout pants, when I take spin classes. Works well.


This largely depends on rider goals and finances. Your example clearly highlights the advantage of a light bike (although aero is probably equally important). If Joe and Billy are racing, and they are exactly the same, we can assume Billy is going to win. If Joe can afford it, and wants to stay competitive with Billy, it will likely be worth it for him. ...


The physics model of cycling power and speed has been validated in the real world. Two examples are this and this. The model embedded in's online calculator is based on these two papers. Whether the amount of difference calculated by the validated models is worth it to Joe and Billy is a question that can't be answered by the physics.

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