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This would generally come down to you locality as some cultures would consider certain gestures rude. I guess there isn't a universal sign for thank you, but in most cultures I think a wave of the hand (more of a raise the hand and show the palm slightly) with a courteous smile or nod would do the trick. I tend to vary between a wave of the hand or a thumbs ...


I use a sort of wave, raising my hand but with no movement in it (so not a 'Hey buddy' or 'I need help' side to side movement).... it works on my bicycle, on my motorcycle, and while driving a vehicle. It's got somewhat of a dual purpose: acknowledgement that I did something wrong, and/or 'thanks for letting me in' gratitude gesture. This is the same ...


Motorists (I'm both a cyclist and motorist) use to salute with each other making a "V" sign with the index and middle fingers of the hand with the palm forward. At least it's that way in southern Europe, don't know in other parts of the world. They would understand that with as a symbol of empathy to them.


A polite nod, wave or smile usually suffices. It doesn't need to be much, where I live in the UK raising one or two fingers from the steering wheel is plenty when driving. Not sure about down south, I've heard it's a fairly local thing, but I don't imagine it being too different.

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