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Being both a hatchback owner and a trunk rack owner, I can tell you yes...and no. I've got a Saris Bones 3 rack and the feet have etched the window slightly. While the feet are of a more rubbery plastic, I think it's when there's dirt and grit underneath and moves (even unnoticeable movement) it grinds at the window. It usually cleans up pretty well, but I ...


This instruction shows it on a window. THRUWAY And I would not assume that any rack with padded bars contact points mounts the same.


I recently shipped an older beater mtn bike from Atlanta to NY state using ShipMyBike. Used a cardboard shipping box I got for free from my LBS, paid for the FedEx label online and dropped it off at nearby FedEx center. Couldn't have been easier and the bike arrived in fine shape in 3 days for only $50. If I had been shipping a better bike I would have ...


None of the other answers deal with the OPs desire to keep the bike inside the car, i.e. not on a rack. To put the bike in the car, you have to take off at least one of the wheels. Pedro sells a "chain keeper" which is designed to keep the chain on or near the derailleur when the rear wheel is off: This should help you considerably (along with old ...


If you literally mean inside then: If you are going to remove a wheel and lefty makes front difficult. Then remove the rear and place derailleur up and near rear of trunk. Why place the chain in a container - just leave the chain on the bike. You still have dirt to deal with from front wheel but better than grease from derailleur and chain. Get a rubber ...


The BMW roof rack system can be found for ~120$ USD, and 140$ USD for the touring bike carrier. Works extremely well.


If cannot fit the bike in you have four options: Remove the front wheel and lower seat, this makes the bike much smaller. This is the no cost, no change to car and medium effort to get wheel off and on and get bike in and out of car. Mount a roof rack and use a carrier. This is a medium cost, semi permanent (roof rack can be removed) and medium effort to ...

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