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Step 1: Get used to bailing out. Put your bike in first gear. Ride very slowly, then give a (small but sharp) upwards jerk on the bars as you do a hard downstroke on one of the pedals. Stay seated. You should have the power to pass the "tipping point". When you do, put your feet down so you don't fall on your butt. Do this until it feels completely ...


Practice, practice, practice. Start moving forward slowly in a low gear and then pop the front wheel off the ground by suddenly pushing a pedal forward and pulling up on the handlebars at the same time, and just keep pedaling while trying to balance on one wheel. If you accelerate to a point where you cannot pedal fast enough to maintain balance on one ...


pump your suspension, the lean back while pedaling to get the pop, keep the consistent pedal to keep the wheelie going ( you might feel uncomfortable leaning that far back) feather your break while doing it. i like doing wheelies on gear 3-1 it seems to be the best gear for it. remember practise makes perfect, you probably wont get it first go. good luck!

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