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Unsupported unicycle touring is not very common because it doesn't work very well - you really need to carry more stuff than can comfortably be carried in a backpack while unicycling, which limits the amount of time on the uni, which in turn limits how far you can go. As well, unis are slower than bikes which further limits distances. Towing a trailer kind ...


I would think that riding the intended type of trails on a mountain bike would make you better at mountain biking. The following is a subjective argument based on my personal opinion. I'm sure some people will disagree with me. Here is my argument: Riding a unicycle will improve your coordinate and balance, sure, and are great for those two things. ...


Mountain Unicycling (MUni) has become increasingly popular since it came on the scene in the early 1990s. To cope with the terrain, MUni unicycles are better built than regular unicycles often with double-bolted seat-post clamps and a brake. Riders usually wear helmets and shin/wrist guards due to the high likelihood of a UPD (unplanned dismount). The most ...


Unicycling is such a niche thing that I doubt you're going to get much in the way of scientific results saying any improvement in riding skills, but I'll give it a shot. Since there are such things as mountain unicycles, you can certainly improve your skills! Balance, cornering, and trail sense (knowing what to do on what terrain) are common skills no ...


spending a couple of months to learn riding such a thing ... The average person can learn to ride it in just 4-16 hours. It's a super fun and possibly mind expanding activity but it didn't improve me as a bicycle rider (bmx or mtb).


More fun. I've ridden a uni for 30 year, and it feels like skiing or skating. Biking, for me anyway, is just boring. Also, in regard to another post, unis now-a-days do have disc brakes.

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