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I've got the following sorted so far, so here are some answers about the first part of the process for me. Next up will be installing the groupset. Wheels: 27 inch wheels are slightly narrower in width, and greater in rim diameter than the closest modern standard, 700c. In order to fit a modern 700c wheel you will have to worry about two things: The ...


I think it depends on your frame, I have a 1973 Peugeot UO-8 which I replaced the 27inch wheels with 700 28CC and even replaced the handle bars with modern alu bars from MEC. The seat is now a Brooks and because the seat post tubes on french bikes are smaller I had to use a BMX chromoly post. My bottom bracket is a new square one from Velo-Orange instead of ...


Yes. Both shift 8 speed shimano clusters. The spacing on 8 speed clusters has stayed the same since they first came out. So any 8 speed shimano compatible shifter is a replacement for any other.


Yes I test rode a Sora a few years ago with those thumb shifters - truly awful. My gut feel (I know Shimano well, but don't have direct experience of this groupset) is that one is a direct replacement for the other, but the only evidence I can find to back this is a review on Amazon. For sure there'll be no problems shifting, because you're staying at ...

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