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Nope, and riding with it locked is quite beneficial in certain factors of riding, and if you have a locking suspension, you are very lucky compared to me, who has a bike without it. The bike will not break from simply having your suspension locked; It still absorbs impact, just in extremely minute amounts. Seeing as many web sites have covered this, I'd ...


On a bumpy but fairly level road, absent any suspension, energy goes three places: Friction between tire and road Wind resistance Vibrating your body up and down The reason #3 is a factor is that you jiggle as you ride, and that absorbs a lot of energy -- the more you jiggle, the more energy is required. You can reduce jiggle by using lower air pressure ...


As you have a suspension fork, I guess your bike should be at least hybrid to mountain bike. Most hybrid start off with 32 mm tyre upwards (or 1.25 inch). At around 38 mm upwards (or 1.5 inch), you can take on most of the pot holes, provided that you are not crashing. I have a road bike and the difference in the shock absorbance of 23 mm tyre and 28 mm ...


No, it's not harming to you whatsoever. On the contrary, riding on bumpy stuff with a rigid fork is good for your upper body fitness. Your bike will be fine. Installing skinnier tires would be a good move if you wanted even more efficiency, and didn't mind the discomfort that came with it.

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