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Found this thread as I was looking for the same answer for the legality of pedestrian running on the bike lane with a perfectly good sidewalk next to them. Since I have not seen this being answered here, I'll post what I found from California's DMV. Pedestrian in Bicycle Lane 21966. No pedestrian shall proceed along a bicycle path or lane where ...


If it's from one of the big brands (Trek, Specialized, Giant etc.) then you should be fine. Only difference between one bought in the UK and one in the US would be brakes mounted opposite way round (i.e. front brake operated by left lever rather than the right), and maybe paintjob!


From my experience with custom/stock graphics you've got three options: Manufacturer: Contact the manufacturer, in this case Cannondale, and see if they have any sticker sheets available. Sometimes they'll have old stock, but more often they only have the last few years. 3rd Party: Look for someone selling sticker sheets or vintage logo sheets. Sometimes ...


I found one insurance that will be of interest for Germans: The insurance broker OSD offers a liability insurance for German nationals that live temporarily abroad, for up to 5 years. The insurance company is called BDAE - Bund der Auslands-Erwerbst├Ątigen, they work with W├╝rzburger. The liability explicitly covers bicycles "4. aus dem Besitz und dem ...

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