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Straighten it. All you have to do is let the air out, push the valve in straight and then re-inflate it. You may damage the tube near the base of the valve if you leave it as is when the tire takes a hit.


It should be straight out, perpendicular to the rim. Otherwise you risk damaging the tube. When the valve stem is at an angle the valve isn't free in the hole – it is trapped by the edges of the hole where they bind the stem. The edges of the hole may cut the stem which will be moving a little bit as the tire and tube flex over bumps and the like. There ...


For shorter stem presta valves in deep rims the trick to fill air is to first deflate the tyre about 50%, then push the pump head onto the stem with one hand while at the same time pushing the stem through the rim from the tyre side with your other hand. Then use the lever to get a good seal. When you pump it up, the increase in pressure in the head of the ...

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