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The DE Valve, or Dunlop Valve, is the same size and thread as the presta valve, at the tip. However, the length of the valve where it is the same diameter as presta valve is much shorter. Pump heads which rely on the compression of an o-ring to attach to the valve, especially with multi-valve heads, often do not find enough surface area on the DE valve to ...


It is easy enough to test. Hold your finger over the nozzle and pump (you can hold about 20 psi). Then take an upstroke with the pump. Does it lose pressure or not? Mine holds pressure on the upstroke. If there was not a check valve at the bottom of the stroke when you let go the handle would come up.


In case someone still reads this, in addition to protecting the valve, you can cut the plastic top off with a knife or razor blade at a gas station and you have an instant Schrader adapter!

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