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Individual "ideal cadence" is probably more closely related to muscle composition and comfort than it is to size. While someone could probably "maths out" an ideal cadence for a rider based on all the variables necessary (height, weight, power, muscle composition, etc), that won't matter one whit if the rider has spent the 2500 hours over the last 3 months ...


I suspect you'll be buying a whole new crankset. You may also need to upgrade the bottom bracket as there's not much choice of upgrades if you're starting with square taper parts. My hybrid had a very similar drivetrain, including suntour cranks/chainrings which were riveted together. You've already got a fairly wide ratio cassette for an 8 speed (I run ...


The thicknesses of 8 and 9 speed Shimano cogs differ by 0.02mm ( I would say that the same chainwheel is compatible with 8 and 9 speed chains.

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