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Eat more if your power output drops, you take longer to recover from hard efforts, or notice other negative side effects. You can eat more of what you usually do or snack on high-calorie-density healthy foods like nuts if meals get too onerous. My google-fu and queries on the wattage list, bikeforums.net, and roadbikereview.com did not produce useful advice ...


If it did not come with a manual you can get one online MERIDIAN OWNER'S MANUAL Page 12 states how to install the secondary chain It states the secondary chain should have less than 5 mm of play up or down


I would venture to say (and Blam confirmed with his link to the manual) that you have some excessive slack in that chain, and removing it would help. In your first picture, where you're holding the chain, it looks like there is a lateral movement available on what appears to be the axle shaft, to the right. I'd loosen those bolts and try to slide the rear ...

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