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One option you're not considering is that the freehub body on your wheelset maybe be upgradable. Given you don't say what wheels they are but I assume given they're almost certainly disc hubs to use cx1 you may find this is an option. If you update saying what wheels you have on the rear and what hub it is then it's a good start


It is almost impossible to rebuild a wheel (i.e., new hub and new spokes) without removing the tire. Leaving the tire on, would mean leaving the spoke nipples in place. (It is a good idea to replace the spoke nipples when rebuilding a wheel. You will also require new spokes). It is a big hassle threading the spoke into nipples that are stuck in one ...


There are technical differences about the lacing that the photos do not tell us. Like where the holes are placed in the rim. To my knowledge, the idea that spoke holes in a rim did not need to be regularly symmetrical geometrically was pioneered, at least in recent times, by Rolf wheels. As these wheels seemed to work well, other manufacturers responded ...

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