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As an owner of both 650c and 700c-wheeled bikes will happily share my thoughts. First of all, 650c wheels are lighter and obviously smaller which makes the whole ride more dynamic which can improve your maneuverability. On the other hand, 650c wheels are prone to sliding on stones or corners so you must be more careful when riding. 650c wheels spin faster ...


Ahh, no. The rims are different sizes, 700 vs 650, so obviously each will take a different size tire. Why do you want to change to a smaller wheel? Brakes likely will not reach rim. Bicycle would be closer to ground.


No you will not be able to use your 700x23c tire on a 650c rim. The bead seat diameter of 700c rims is 622mm, this will also be the bead diameter of the your 700x23c tire. The bead seat diameter of a 650c rim is 571mm (see Velocity's Spec section). Your 700x23c tire will be 51mm too wide.


For the question in the comment: You will have to move the brake pad a bit further down to adapt to the smaller rim. This may possibly lead to that you have to change the brake. Check how much you can lower the brake pad.


Best place to look is Sheldon Brown's famous site. http://sheldonbrown.com/tire-sizing.html I would suggest given the difference in diamaeter you will run into issues attempting to put your 700x23c tyres on a 650c rim.

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