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In many cases, the difference is just related to the scent. However, some standard chamois cream has menthol or some other "icy hot" chemical, which some women find a bit "strong" for their sensitive bits. Many women's creams use something milder, like peppermint oil. Mad Alchemy lists some of the major ingredients in their chamois creams: ...


There shouldn't be any difference but I believe that the slight difference is nothing more than an antiseptic.


This would have to be one of the most opinion-based questions we could possibly have, and one of the most important to deal with in a sensible manner. Firstly, it must be said that what is safe depends on the woman's own behavioral history, and the state of the pregnancy. She certainly should not be taking up new active sports. Some competitive sports ...


Unlike riding horses, there are no body movements that are dangerous for pregnant cyclists in any stage of pregnancy when riding on roads. Mountain cycling is not as safe and I would certainly talk that over with a Dr or midwife. The risks are mostly the same as any other road user in your area. How do car behave around cyclists and how safe are the roads ...

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