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I would say that whether a bike is Unisex (men's) or women's specific it is of fairly little relevance. What matters more is an individual's fit on an individual bike. Tall people need big bikes, short people need smaller bikes, regardless of gender. As it says here: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/h/option/bikesizeguide#women-bike A women's bike is built to fit ...


Naturally you would want to put a women's seat on it. A shop will typically switch our for free. This is a comparable women's in Specialized. DOLCE


I sold Specialized bikes for a lot of years, they do make gender specific frames, women's bikes have shorter top tubes relative to the seat tubes, this is because women on average have shorter backs and longer legs than men do, they also come with womens saddles, and sometimes women specific grips (for feminine hands). The Sectour is considered a men's ...

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