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Questions referring to the derailluer responsible for moving the chain along the cassette
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Questions about a bicycle's drivetrain system, including the chain, gears, chainring, derailers, etcetera.
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The clothes you wear when riding, whether they're bike-specific or everyday.
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Bikes that have no gears/shifters, and no freewheel - the pedals are always spinning when the bicycle is moving. Note that fixed gear is not the same thing as singlespeed, which has its own tag.
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a ratcheting mechanism, that coupled with a set of gears, is that threaded onto the rear hub of a bike. The freewheel allows the rear wheel to engage and move when the pedals are spu…
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a form of bicycle racing consisting of short laps over many differing terrains, typically including grass, sand, mud, pavement, rocks and anything the course designer finds at the race s…
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a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. These bicycles are without derailleur gears, hub gearing or other methods for varying the gear ratio of the bicycle.
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Stuff you add to a bike but aren't absolutely essential. May or may not actually bolt on. Such as rack, fenders, bottle cage, water bottle, bike computer, lights, bell, etc.
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Frames or components made from carbon fiber, possibly even about carbon accessories.
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Questions referring to the part of a bike that extends upward from the seat tube on the frame to the saddle.
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Refers to the thin rods connecting the wheel rim to the hub.
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a gearing system contained within the rear-wheel hub of a bicycle. All the components are contained within the sealed hub, making them less susceptible to the elements when…
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Health issues affecting cyclists: comfort, pollution, energy, ...
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Tools you use for repairing, maintaining, building, etc. Pump, chain breaker, wrenches, spoke tool, repair stand etc.
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compatible with what other components
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Hybrid bikes combine elements from different types of specialised bikes to make a bicycle suitable for a wide range of riding conditions, which can include road riding, commuting, or leisure riding on…
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Chain lube, oil, wax, grease, and other slippery stuff for bike components and frames.
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Repairs, maintenance, mechanical issues, or drivetrain parts.
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Concerning laws concerning bicycling, and their enforcement.
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a clean bike. How to keep your bike squeaky clean effectively and safely.
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Questions referring to the component fitted on or inside the head tube, which allow the steering tube to rotate freely.
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Inexpensive bicycle goods and services. Maintenance and repairs done cheaply, etc.
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installed on your bike. For the sort of rack that you park your bike in, please use the PARKING tag.
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used to secure bikes. Common varieties are cable/chain locks and U-locks (D-locks).
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Locking your bike and keeping it safe, especially from being stolen.
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Questions referring to the process of replacing current components and frames with newer, better versions
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Questions that specifically deal with SRAM components. (No need to use if SRAM is an incidental part of the question.)