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the part of the bicycle that secures the handlebars to the fork.
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Questions referring to a cyclist's interactions with other vehicles, mainly motorized ones.
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Building a bike starting with a frame and adding components to it. If you're starting with tubes that's "framebuilding".
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The part of the brake that absorbs the friction during the braking action.
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Questions referring to the craft of assembling bicycle wheels.
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Questions referring to the cause and cessation of creaks, squeaks and other abnormal bike noises
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Clipless pedals and shoes connect together with a special cleat, as opposed to using traditional flat pedals with toe clips.
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Carrying stuff with your bike, using racks, backpacks, trailers, etc.
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A protective head covering worn cyclists.
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Kid trailers, cargo trailers, pet trailers, anything you pull behind your bike. Could also mean an Xtracycle or similar tag-along bike.
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Questions referring to the braking system in which pressure is applied to a track on the rim of the bike tire.
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built or modified for commuting
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designed for long distance cycling with luggage. They are usually similar in design to road bikes, with slick tyres and drop handlebars, but have a wider range of gears, longer wheel…
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a basket, bag, box, or similar container, carried in pairs either slung over the back of a beast of burden, or attached to the sides of a bicycle or motorcycle. The…
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Questions referring to GPS and how it relates to bikes, typically from a navigation and location tracking standpoint.
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designed to fold or collapse.
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Questions referring to electronic devices which typically track a cyclist's ride metrics, such as their speed, distance, cadence, etc
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Power meters and all related data analysis. Power meters measure direct force applied to one of the pedals, crankarm, crankset, rear hub, or other methods. They use cadence in conjunction with t…
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Brand-specific questions relating to Campagnolo groupsets and components.