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Related specifically to bicycling in the United Kingdom.
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Brand-specific questions relating to Campagnolo groupsets and components.
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an acronym for "Do It Yourself". Questions here are resources for enthusiastic amateurs working on their own bicycles.
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suitable for cycling and training.
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about forward facing lights on the front of a bike: on the handle bars; fixed to the front of the frame; on the forks and so on. It is not about lights worn around the head or on a helmet,…
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Deprecated. Don't use this tag. Instead use tags for the continent, country, area within a larger country and/or major city as appropriate. E.g. "europe italy" or "us new-york".
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The procedure to align the wheel by tightening and/or loosening the spokes
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Servicing things before they break, so they're less likely to fail at all.
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Questions concerning the angles, tube lengths, and other measurements of the bike frame.
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Questions related to bicycle frames made from aluminum alloy.
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An acronym for "Shimano Pedaling Dynamics", a design of clipless bicycle pedal created by Shimano, Inc. Both road and mountain variants exist as do numerous "SPD-compatible" designs.
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Fittings, usually for wheels and saddle-posts, with a lever at one end so you can open them by hand, instead of using a spanner.
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Related specifically to bicycling in the United States of America.
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Bicycles and components designed around 29" (aka ISO 622mm) rims and tires for mountain biking use.
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Electric Bike specific issues, including batteries, chargers, and motors. Not for liquid fuel bike kits.
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Issues of behaviour between cyclists and other road or trail users, including other cyclists, drivers, pedestrians and horse riders.
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Tubeless tyres do not require an innertube.
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