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Refers to ISO 559mm bead seat diameter rims and tires, the modern standard for mountain bikes, many hybrids, and small touring bikes. Tire sizes range from 26 x 1.0 to 26 x 3.6 and are printed in deci…
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Rims and tires with ISO 630mm bead seat diameter. The former standard road bike rim and tire size, particularly in the US bike boom of the 1970's.
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Bicycles and components designed around 29" (aka ISO 622mm) rims and tires for mountain biking use.
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Everything relating to the 650B (584mm ISO rim-diameter) wheelsize, whether on mountain or road bikes.
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Refers to bicycles and components with or comprising a drivetrain with 7 sprockets on the cassette.
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Stuff you add to a bike but aren't absolutely essential. May or may not actually bolt on. Such as rack, fenders, bottle cage, water bottle, bike computer, lights, bell, etc.
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Questions related to improving the overall image of the bicycling community. This can include publicity events, races, advertising, press coverage, and any other way to advocate to the public for the …
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Questions relating to a bicycle's ability to efficient move through the air.
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Questions related to bicycle frames made from aluminum alloy.
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the wireless technology that allows your monitoring devices to talk to each other. Leading brands design ANT+ into top products to ensure that you get the data you want - when and where you w…
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Bikes without pedals, generally but not exclusively for young children.
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[tag:bamboo] refers to the natural material seldom used for bike frames.
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