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Civil engineer and python/django programmer. Currently working at Nelen & Schuurmans as python/django programmer on water safety, quality and flood risks: a perfect combination.

Living in the Netherlands.

comment Slipping when pedalling
I suspect it is a typo for "ball bearing".
comment What is the proper etiquette for overtaking a horse?
You say "officially": which country? Dutch cycle paths are for cyclists, for instance. (Horses often use them, but as a cyclist you theoretically have the right of way).
comment My lock was rusty and key snapped while trying to unlock bike so now its permanently locked
Regarding questions: you'll be amazed how few comments you get when hacking away at your bike, trying to remove a lock. Showing the broken-off key was enough to "let me off the hook". But perhaps make sure you have a photograph of you and your bike in case someone (or a police officer) is persistent.
comment What is the difference between Spray lubricants and non-spray lubricants?
What do you mean with "no oil"? Sythetic stuff? I'm asking everything in the shop with "chain lubricatition" on it seems oily or at least pretty sticky, even when synthetic. So what do you mean with "no oil" exactly? (I also have a recumbent and non-sticky would be great :-)