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comment Repairing a twisted front rim in emergency?
True so far as it goes, but if a rim is visibly twisted, it's toast.
comment Why does my back tyre wear so much more quickly than the front?
The only form of rotation I'd recommend is swapping the half-worn front tire to the rear and putting the new tire on the front when replacing a worn-out rear tire. You always want the better tire on the front since front tire blowouts are much riskier than rears.
comment How to objectively evaluate torque wrenches?
First link is a needle gauge but I think you've got the dial and set torque wrenches mixed up.
comment How much rest (tendon or ligament), for a novice?
I've edited my answer to describe hip motion more clearly and add what sourcing I can for the seat height rule. One interesting feature of your Dr. Dew is that the bottom bracket is fairly high--almost as high as a cyclocross bike--so that's going to leave your feet a bit farther from the ground than they would be on, say, a road bike. Not a big deal once you're used to it.