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The Short:

Mechanical Engineer with a Software Problem.

The Long:

I don't claim to be an expert programmer, I'm a full time professional mechanical engineer specializing in dynamics, structures and getting sh*t to space. I have 7 Years of experience with Finite Element Codes (Nastran and Ansys, and I've written my own FEM code in C/Objective-C). I have a few other OSX/iOS programs that I have built including TA's Friend, iRef-Kickball and iRef-Kickball Lite. I am also fairly adept at web app programming using a ruby stack including ruby on rails, sinatra, haml, sass (scss), mongodb/mongoid, spork, coffeescript, jquery, rspec, S3, heroku, ect., ect...

I've built the following websites

Stack Overflow 5,162 rep 23044
Area 51 2,218 rep 2221
Bicycles 653 rep 413
Ask Different 520 rep 316
TeX - LaTeX 218 rep 39

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