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comment Recurring flats
Thanks. I know that the flat 2 was not in the same place as flat 3. Couldn't be bothered to look at it yesterday so still need to check final flat to see where it's located. Tyre was inflated to close to max pressure (think I was at about 110psi on a 120psi tyre). I'll be doing all your checks in the next couple of days. I may be just be being unlucky. A lot of farmers out trimming hedges at the moment so it could just be that there's a lot of debris about at the moment.
comment How do I stop my brake from sticking?
@darkcanuck - Should have been a bit more explicit, it was half springs back to it's original position. Not one sided
comment How do I stop my brake from sticking?
Thanks. With a bit more fiddling I seemed to have fixed it with out having to do anything too drastic. Like I said wear and tear isn't an issue. To me it seems like the spring doesn't put enough pressure on the calliper for it to return to it's normal position. If it happens again it might need a trip down the lbs. Thanks again