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comment Which gears combinations shouldn't be used?
Oh, you are absolutely right. Lost concentration while translating this question. Will fix now. Thanks.
comment Cycling on snow in extreme freezing conditions: will my bike break?
Here are some updates about how bike works, when exposed to extreme low temperatures (about -35C down to -45C). * Fork - it freezes, never mind how intensive it works, it will freeze. Air fork looses all the pressure and both air and coil forks freeze their cartridge. * Brakes - no problems so far, except they became a little tighter. * Wheelset - everything is OK with front wheel. Freewheel in the rear hub will freeze and refuse to work until it will be warmed up. Though it can be warmed up by fast rotation of the chainset. Or by running with your bike nearby.
comment Which parameters should I track with bicycle computer so I can analyze changes in my riding?
@DanielRHicks - time, distance and speed can be calculated when you have a geo.points(with lat/log) collection.
comment Is there Rack (luggage carrier) for Ragley Blue Pig?
I think long ride will become more enjoyable if I will install some fork with U-Turn or lockout (or both), so that's not a problem. Racks that mounts to the axle looks good to me. Thanks. Now the only thing I need is to find a e-shop that ships to Russia :)
comment How do I keep sweat out of my eyes?
Liners are detachable soft pads on an internal side of a helmet. Am I wrong with their name?
comment Tools required for trailbuilding?
forgot to mention that the trail will be built in forest. So there's no rocks, just dirt, small stones and a lot of roots.
comment How to properly calculate wheel diameter (rim+tire)?
I wanted a pure mathematical way to calculate a wheel diameter, but it seems an appropriate way to do this. Thanks.