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comment What are the most effective exercises to improve stamina and speed on my cycle to/from work?
Are setting a goal? Is there a specific event or lifestyle or personal fitness regiment that you are after?
comment What type of bicycle would be the most suitable for riding in winter in the city?
Do you plan on riding it at any other time or for any other purpose?
comment How should I approach hills?
@Daniel R, curious what age range are you describing here?
comment Real measurable benefit to ceramic bearings?
Since my only experience is using ceramic bearings is in my bottom bracket, coasting is not a factor. In terms of noise, there was no difference, meaning there was no noise. Now riding, this is perhaps the arena where there was an ever so slight smoother feel and maybe pushing the pedals required the most minute degree of less effort. For me the difference was only felt when the pedals were under pressure...either attacking or climbing.
comment Bicycle Socks for Road Rides
I'm speechless!! SOCKS!!!
comment Is it really going to damage a bike to wash it with a hose?
Not sure why someone down voted ya! Dirty bikes don't run as well though...having said that, mine is always the dirtiest, must be because I like the extra resistance!
comment How can I tell what brand/make of bike I have?
The actual named frame size is not important. Rather the dimensions of the frame are what matters. One company might call your bike a 17" model and a frame with the same top tube, stand over etc by another company is considered an 18"! Hope that makes sense! If you are happy with the fit, record the measurements and should you decide to get a new frame seek one out that mirrors those measurements. Most cyclists know their own measurements. As far as age really does not matter unless it is constantly breaking down. I am hearing you are itching to get a new rig!!
comment Why does my back tyre wear so much more quickly than the front?
OMG...alright guess a detailed explanation is necessary!! As the rear tire reaches the point it where it needs to be replaced, typically the front tire is no longer offering peak handling. What I do is move the front tire to the rear and replace the front!! By doing this, I have found that I am able to get the absolute maximum miles out my rubber and still maintain optimal handling!! Rubber side down
comment Why does my back tyre wear so much more quickly than the front?
Vote down??...guess I assumed too much commonsense here!!
comment Suggestions for progressive upgradation of bike
I agree w/Mac the only minor comment I would add is if you have money burning a whole in your pocket or ants in pants, only buy upgrades that will likely not be standard items on a new bike purchase. This way when you do decide to get a new rig, you can make it own by moving said parts over...BLING, BLING :)
comment What are the advantages and disadvantages of riding a smaller Mountain Bike frame?
Solo, you really need to compare effective top tube length to truly understand the comparison. Make sense?
comment Train cycling legs for a long walking trek
It is difficult to give you guidance without knowing the timing of the events. When is the trek and how soon afterwards is the ride? You mention the ride is the following week, but what is crucial is the number of days between said events. Please clarify.
comment What tools will I need to remove sprocket/what type will I need to order?
Doorway works as well...once you have the tool :O
comment I'm going to take my bike with me on a plane. Do I really need a special bike travel bag to have it transported safely?
Check with your LBS, mine rents hard shelled bike travel cases! Maybe yours does too!
comment I am about to buy a new bicycle - what should I check before I do so?
Ebay & Craigslist!