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comment Cannondale Lefty DLR Ti Fork Rebuild/Maintenance
@neilfein: In the interest of making answers as useful as possible to a wide range of bicycle owners, lets assume my bicycles repair ability is "average". I'll rephrase the question.
comment Why should I wear bicycle clothes made of spandex?
If it's padding in the shorts you want, you don't need to go with spandex. There are bike shorts you can buy that have the padding, but otherwise look like regular shorts. I suppose you can wear them without underwear, too (if you want) but I don't do that (TMI, I know).
comment Is listening to music dangerous while cycling?
@Tom: I agree. Note that I said "suggests", not "proves". However, I think the more important point is that clearly headphones don't lessen the risk. And there's only one other way you can go from there.