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I ride to work, to shops, on holiday and that is about it, nothing too exceptional.

I have done a few tours in my time and fixed a few bikes. I try not to personally own too many bikes as you can only ride one at a time.

I am very much interested in the history of the bike, particularly the technologies and socio-economic conditions that drive fashions in cycling.

I particularly like the voting system on SE and I hope that the site will grow in time to become a truly useful resource for all the many millions of people that do ride bikes. I am not currently sure how we get to become top useful bike site in terms of visitor numbers but I am sure it will happen just so long as those of us here already try our hardest to put good answers to sensible questions.

Wow. I have to log in every day until Tuesday, 24 January 2012 if I really want that gold badge for whatever reason. But I will.