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  1. Started off with HTML in notepad.exe at age 11,
  2. then went onto ActionScript 2 in Flash 5
  3. and ASP in Dreamweaver 4.01 UltraDev,
  4. installing and hacking open source PHP CMSs
  5. while doing Java at university,
  6. played about with RoR
  7. when my job was developing with ECMAScript
  8. for a proprietary CMS,
  9. now using CakePHP wherever i can,
  10. and a bit interested in Angular.

comment Are bicycle helmets repairable or disposable?
"If you have one of the 1980's all-foam helmets with perhaps a cloth cover, we would recommend replacing that one. Lab tests showed some years ago that bare foam doesn't skid well on pavement, and could jerk your neck in a crash. The cloth doesn't help much. In addition, some of them had no internal reinforcing, and they tend to break up in a crash. That's not serious if you just fall, but if you are hit by a car the helmet can fly apart in the initial contact and leave you bare-headed for the crack on the pavement." (same source)