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comment Using a ski helmet for winter biking
@MikeSamuel It doesn't affect my hearing at all. Wind noise is always the biggest hearing limiter at bike/ski speeds. My Giro 9's ear covers are a doughnut of padded fleece with a mesh-covered hole in the center. They do a good job of cutting the cold wind and keeping it from freezing my ears, but don't reduce my ability to hear.
comment Bailing out with SPD pedals on a mountain bike
I must agree. I ride with the Crank Bros. "Mallet" pedals and they are perfect combo of retention and easy exit. With them I've successfully unclipped both pedals and dropped the bike between my legs when going over the bars, letting me hit the ground running. ;-)
comment Using a ski helmet for winter biking
@hhh I have updated the answer to incorporate some more details from the links provided by freiheit. As for being 100% certain of the similarity between the two testing standards, you'd have to purchase both standards and go through them line-by-line and look for any material differences.
comment Is it safe to ride a racing road bike in very wet weather?
Wet leaves == Nature's teflon.
comment What pressure should I run my Mountain Bike tires at?
Fabulous link. Thank goodness for the scientific method!