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comment How to fix problem with mountain bike chain falling off gears?
Chain tension is maintained by the rear derailler; make sure it's keeping the chain taut. Especially in mountain bikes, dirt and muck can cause this sort of problem (google 'chainsuck')
comment What caused diagonal cuts in the sidewalls of my tire?
The periodic nature of the cuts is weird. I can't imagine any external cause for it. You're not putting too much pressure in the tube and overstressing the tyre, are you? Brakes or something on the bike (pannier mounts?) aren't rubbing on it?
comment Leaking oil from front suspension
This. In my experience, the most common cause for leaks is storing the bike upside-down. They get worse as the fork ages as dust and grit will scratch and foul the seals. Often only one leg actually contains oil (moreso for XC forks), which is why you're seeing a leak on one side. You can fix it at home, but it's a fiddly job. I recommend you get advice from your shop.