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comment What's the purpose of cycling gloves?
I've actually gone the other direction with this... I bought some 'mechanics gloves' and use them as full-finger gloves for those early and late-season rides when fingerless gloves aren't warm enough. It's worked out great for me!
comment What hand signals work best for cyclists in the US?
I've been making a closed hand and sticking out my thumb when making the right-turn signal lately. Among the people I ride with, left hand pointing up vs. right hand pointing out seems to be about 50/50. None of us has been hit by a car yet. I find that signalling left turns with a quick 'shake' of the wrist every few seconds, while holding out index-and-middle finger to work fairly well. I want to believe that the shaking makes it easier to see.
comment What should I look for in clipless pedals and shoes?
Every time someone tells me that they just went clipless, I always (jokingly) ask "So, have you fallen over yet?" If they chuckle, I know they have, and if they don't, I say "Don't worry, your turn is coming, it happens to everyone."
comment What should I look for in clipless pedals and shoes?
I've used the same pair of EggBeaters for over 4000 miles, and they're still going strong. I bought them on sale for ~$40. They are the cromoly ones with the blue threads. They don't spin /quite/ as well as they used to, but they are by no means in need of replacement.