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comment Are 2-way bike lanes safe?
When I see where they use them in the Netherlands I'd say you want double lanes when there are less junctions, and normal lanes when there are more junctions. I expect there is dutch research about this as well, but I don't have any references I'm afraid.
comment Are 2-way bike lanes safe?
You weird non-dutch people ;) We have them all over the place, and they're perfectly fine. You can easily bike next to each other, and pass two bikes from the opposite direction which also bike next to each other. The persons on the inside should just go slightly back (front-wheel next to the back-wheel of the 'outside' person, so that you can bike a little closer). As for passing, a single person can easily pass another single person if a single person from the opposite side is passing. If you want to overtake a couple, ring.
comment Toddler bike seat vs. bike trailer?
Both are quite common in Holland (as in, you see them all the time). However, I think a seat is easier to combine with a typical dutch bike (which is less race-y than the crazy bikes people in other countries seem to use for daily use), for instance the foot-in-wheel scenario as described in one answer is impossible, since there is standard protection around the backwheel. Since most people still stick with seats, it apparently isn't that dangeroes. I do however see that more parents are starting to fit their children with helmets.