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I'm a Moderator - if you have any issues, questions, concerns about the site please feel free to contact me: marco [AT] ceppi [DOT] net or ask on the Ask Ubuntu Meta

I have been using Ubuntu as my primary operating system since early 2005 - my prior OS of choice being Debian. I greatly enjoy the Community that has grown around Ubuntu and the standards it's upholding. I'm also now an employee of Canonical working on the Juju project.

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comment Why should I use a mirror?
You can typically look behind you without needing a helmet by just looking down under your arm. This won't cause the dreaded swerve, maintains a streamline, and provides a pretty good view behind you.
comment Is it considered rude to draft other random cyclists?
I ultimately think it depends on where you're drafting. Around here there are established bike paths that are just for cyclist. So when I drafting - I tend to only do it there. Safer since there aren't cars to contend with. Safety first.