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I ride non-stop since I am 4, my father gave me one bike each 4 years until 18. Since then I am changing components and assembling new bikes. Now I have seven, including tandem, home-made recumbent, fixed gear, city-bike with generator and internal-gear-hub, freeride full-suspension.

I have been bred on XC mountainbike (raced a bit), and enjoy technical terrain, as well as light freeride, randonneuring, and touring. I also like to try to smoke my friends and acquaintances on group rides (and so do them).

I tend to do my own assembling and mainteinence, and am known among friends for a natural willingness to solve mechanical problems "in the field", even those not on my bike. I like to read about deep intricacies in bicycle mechanics, being a strong fan of a lot (but not all) of Sheldon Brown approaches.

Recently, I am engaged on bike as transportation, bike advocacy, and political-related-bike-issues, and participate in a lot of local groups, mostly nightbikers, weekend rides (not club rides) and Critical Mass.

My short-term bike-related goal is to have equipment and energy to commute all-year round (my winter is very rainy), and my long term goal, more like a dream, is to be full-time involved with bikes, professionally (most probably designing/manufacturing or selling stuff).

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