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I develop audio and music software. I started Teragon Audio, and have produced a number of AU/VST plugins, hosts, and other tools. Although Teragon no longer exists as a commercial entity, its code lives on and I have open-sourced most of the plugins, which are available on the Teragon Audio github page.

comment Is complaining to companies about bad driving like howling at the moon?
@Unsliced That 0.01% of the time where you need to point out the wrong of someone's ways is when you are the victim of an accident. And it's the job of the police/courts to decide that, not an angry biker.
comment Finding good pants for winter biking
I was using "us" poetically, because it would sound weird to say "me". No intention of discriminating against Southern Hemisphere, folks. ;) But just think -- for anyone reading this question next June, the opposite will be true!
comment How do you carry a dog on a bike?
"Very carefully" ;)
comment Recommendations for transporting twins on the front of a bike
I love the "bucket bikes", though I haven't seen them anywhere outside of the Netherlands. This is quite a fancy model, though. Most of the ones you see in NL are much simpler in design.
comment What do you wish someone had told you before your first commute?
Google maps is an invaluable tool for finding good routes, too.
comment Is listening to music dangerous while cycling?
omg, you're one of THOSE people! ;) I see tons of people talking on their phones while biking. Seriously, what are you thinking? Is it really worth the risk to life and limb just to have a windy phone call that can't wait 20 minutes until you get to the office?
comment What is must-have gear for mountain biking?
Very vague question -- I would either vote to close or wiki it.
comment How to choose a bicycle seat
Should be community wiki
comment What are some good exercises to prevent knee pain?
Thanks for the advice. Although 100km may sound like a lot, I've been riding that amount for 6 months or so. Most of the time, my knees feel fine, but sometimes they flare up. You are probably correct in that the distance should be slowly increased... although I'm commuting to work, so in my case, the distance is constant. ;)
comment Best bike lock
Nice suggestion, and based on the amazon reviews, it seems to be very good. However, the lock is small, which is great for security reasons, but would then need to be paired with a chain/cable in order to tie it down to some solid object. Do you have a good suggestion for that?