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comment How do I make my pannier bag less smelly?
The same can be said for climbing chalk, as I discovered riding home from a climb one day. I presume the chalk absorbed some of the odors, and that the chalk spillage (don't ask) dried out the moisture, stopping or at least impeding some mould/organic reactions.
comment Why don't cyclists wear all-encompassing motorcycle-style helmets?
As Ghandi said, "be the change you want to see in the world". I don't think he promised that it would change, and I'd have a bit to say if someone tried to convince me to wear my motorbike gear on a pushbike...
comment When should I not use my front brake?
As with the above, I ride MTB like I ride a motorcycle, and that's to the rule of hard braking in straight lines, applying greater ratio of braking to the front wheel, and controlling risk of locking up through feathering. Also exactly like a motorbike, you can control cornering through use of the back brake alone, where controlled forward momentum will help your slow ride abilities (road bikes in traffic, MTB's through risky log crossings etc).