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I'm a 70's baby. I'm a geek, in the best sense of the word.

I've progressed "up the communications stack" (think the TCP/IP stack) over the past 14 years:

  • I studied electronic engineering
  • I spent years wrestling with search engine spiders analysing web traffic before it was called Web Analytics
  • I built and tested opto-electronic circuitry in chemistry research, then integrated those circuitry with Lego Mindstorms on MIT Media Lab projects
  • I spent 5 years working in systems, network and infrastructure administration for various IT and Internet companies
  • I spent 7 years working in mobile telecommunications services building mobile Internet networks.
  • I am now working in information architecture, interaction design and human computer systems (HCI).

My favourite word is why. I'm skeptical. I like the outdoors, but live in cities.

I ride my bike, take photographs, travel as much as possible, drink good wine and eat good food, and talk too much.

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