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comment Is there a specific cyclocross wheel?
Many ride deep dish in CX as the steep sides shed mud. Most shallow rims use a flat section to connect the sides and really holds onto the mud.
comment Biking to the airport / leaving a bike for a week
Different airports will offer different options, some have bike lockers (lockers big enough to put your bicycle into), others bike valet parking. Check your local airport website. San Francisco has a nice page all about bicycle parking at
comment How to identify lead paint?
You can also get a lead paint test kit at Home Depot, single kit typically under $10
comment Considering Cassette Upgrade
You can, but will also need a new 10sp derailleur, 10sp chain and 10sp 'brifter' (brake/shift lever) . Your hub will fit a 10sp cassette. You may be able to fit a 9sp 11-32 cassette or even larger depending on if you have a long or short cage derailleur. Search this bicycles Stack Echange, lots of info on both these options.
comment Rear derailleur shifts all gears at once
I don't have an answer, but if your cassette was worn out, there is a good chance your chain may be stretched/worn-out too. Using a stretched chain on a brand new cassette can cause shifting problems.
comment Schwalbe Marathon Plus recurring puncture - options?
The Park Tool part number is TB-2 and I find that they are not temporary. I've run with a boot on the inside of my tire for well over a year.
comment What features make a good fitness tracker for cyclists?
Not sold or advertised as a Fitness Tracker, the new Garmin 920xt added activity tracking to the multisport watch that does all the stuff a GPS cycling device should (speed, cadence, map, power meter, HR, anything ANT+) but now also tracks my steps, sleep and beeps at me when I sit around too long. The GPS is only used for the running, cycling and open water swimming. You can get a quick release kit to mount it to your handlebars.
comment Are there any reasons why you would avoid going disc (other than cost) for racing cyclo cross?
I agree, swapping a disc wheel you won't need to release the brakes and re-connect, but I do find there are many more non-disc wheels available from friends at the races, buddies racing later or before me always offer hand-ups! I do clean my brakes, but still the grit and grime during the race adds up lap after lap. I love the mud, but as far as bike maintenance, CX can be expensive
comment How do I fit this pair of chain tensioners on my single speed bike?
@NickT This style of chain tensioner might not work with your frame. The image that mattnz found shows the 'slot' on the inside of the dropout. I agree that it is confusing, most frames don't have this slot or accommodate this style of tensioner
comment How do I fit this pair of chain tensioners on my single speed bike?
@NickT the "eyes" go in the dropout. Not on the outside and as Emyr said, not the inside as it should match the hub width so no room on the inside.
comment First cyclocross race - how to choose and set up the bike
Awesome - stick around (or go early looking at the schedule you might go last) and watch the more experienced racers.
comment How do I fit this pair of chain tensioners on my single speed bike?
Not on the outside, not on the inside, but in the horizontal area of the dropout, the bracket will be on the rear of the dropout on the frame. The photo that @mattnz added shows a similar chain tensioner.
comment First cyclocross race - how to choose and set up the bike
I see many mountain bikes in the beginner races, as you move up (and with experience) you'll get that CX bike ready, checkout some of the other riders bikes and chat up a new conversation, new riding buddies, see if there are local CX practices - we have a weekly practice here in town and you just show up, do some drills and mini course with 5/6 lap 'race' at the end.
comment First cyclocross race - strategy
One other thing I forgot to add is that the races go longer in the higher categories, 35-40 minutes is typical for the winning beginner race time, 45-50 for 'B' and 55-65 for 'A'
comment Garmin Edge Touring can't do car, walking, or straight-line routing directions?
My experience with many garmin devices is that they don't put the same firmware functionality from one device to another. Check out the reviews on DC Rainmakers blog for the Edge Touring and the Edge 800, 810 and 1000. ( also search the garmin forums, I've found more 'fixes' in the forums then from emails to garmin. (
comment Avoid problems with ratchet straps to fasten MTB shoes
I have that same model as shown and this has only happened to me when not wearing the shoes, as such I never insert the plastic strap when not wearing the shoes anymore. It took a screwdriver and some fiddling to get the strap released. All this without my foot in the shoe. If you can get your foot out with it strapped, you may have better luck releasing the quick released. Have you tried a shoe insole insert (like Superfeet) to 'raise' your foot so you cannot ratchet fully closed?
comment Can I enter an enduro race on a hardtail mountain bike?
Check the rules for each event, the enduro race series near me even has a Hard Tail category
comment Bike Shorts and Metal Eyelets
No idea, but have seen eyelets like those on board shorts (swim trunks) to let water out of pockets.
comment How can I find the right size road bike without a test ride?
If you are stuck on the Trek and the only dealer will not allow a test ride, ask to ride the bike(s) on a trainer at the dealer. Not as good as an outdoor/dynamic test ride but riding on a trainer will give you some feedback about your reach, leg lengths and some feel for how one size fits versus another.
comment How do you evaluate a chamois (padding in shorts) before buying?
I think most returns get put into their quarterly 'garage sales' not back on the floor.