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I'm working on my PhD in aerospace engineering, specializing in computational turbulent combustion. My focus is primarily on massively parallel algorithms and computational methods for solving fluid and structural mechanics problems. Primary work is done in Fortran (90, 95, and 2003) but recent work has me branching into python, C and C++.

I'm also interested in international affairs and law.

Also interested in applying computational techniques to sports, in particular cycling aerodynamics and performance optimization. Particular emphasis on track cycling and time trialing.

comment Is it safe to ride a racing road bike in very wet weather?
Bike racers race in the rain all the time, often without going to any different tread pattern than in the dry. They just lower tire pressure and avoid the line paint.
comment How can somebody with Type I diabetes keep blood sugar levels acceptable during and after a multi-hour ride?
There's an entire professional team of type I diabetic riders, teamtype1.org, check out their site for some tips: teamtype1.org/category/tips-for-diabetics Other than that, I would recommend getting advice from somebody licensed to give advice, it's not really something you want to get bad information about.
comment shaving your legs, arms, or both?
The other, more legitimate, reason is that hairless legs are much easier to clean and bandage and heal after after an accident. And when cycling, accidents are a question of when, not if. You could shave your arms if you wanted to, but road rash on your arms is less common than legs.