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comment How Can A Faster Rider Aid A Slower Rider On A Long Ride?
@mattnz - I agree. My apologies, after reading the answers I see how ambiguous the question was.
comment Are runners or pedestrians allowed to use the bike lane?
Lots of parallels to a cyclist using the road when a 'perfectly good' bicycle lane is available.
comment After an accident, what next?
What are your local laws regarding riding in the dark (IE - some places require lights on a bicycle after dark; if you didn't it might have a serious impact on deciding who is at fault, and the obligation the driver has to you)
comment How would the “pros” bike this commute?
With lots of EPO...
comment How do the pricing structures of various bike sharing schemes compare?
This information could be invaluable for potential customers in deciding whether or not they want to support a shared-bicycle system. It might even be a consideration for people considering moving to a new city (how expensive/viable is the transportation). I live in Dublin, Ireland - they have something called 'DublinBikes' here. Without a reference point, it is difficult to know if I'm supporting a good system with a fair price and quality service.