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I have been seriously riding since 1985 in Pittsburgh, PA. We are noted for our hills, narrow streets and roads, and outstanding trails along our three rivers. We are connected to the Great Allegheny Passage and hope to have a way from Pittsburgh International Airport completed at some point to downtown and the gateway to the GAP. I have worked on bikes to the extend of having torn down and replaced everything possible on one of my bikes. I am a certified Spinning Instructor (note the capitalized "Spinning" which means I actually completed an authorized Mad Dog course. I do commute to work (when it is not icy or snowy outside, coldest I ridden was 12 degrees F.) I believe bikes belong on the roads but riders need to follow the rules of the road. All intersections must be respected and not blown off though I believe in rolling stops at stop signs. Traffic signals that are red do mean stop and check things out thoroughly before going through the intersection.

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