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I ride a Rans Rocket, a Cannondale H300, and two old city bikes.

comment Food during cross country ride
@Benzo is right, and as it so happens, The Great Outdoors already has a question that's very relevant. In addition, this question deals with longer trips and also has varied answers (with considerable overlap).
comment Are bicycle registration websites any use for recovering stolen bikes?
In Israel the police engrave ID numbers onto bicycles as a service to the public. That's how I did it.
comment You just had an accident, what's next?
+1 to your first point. It's amazing how quickly people get aggresive and assume its the other person's fault when an accident occurs. Also - perhaps even more so - in a near-accident. And then everything escalates and things get worse. A little calm and "niceness" goes a long way in those first few minutes after something happens.
comment What is the 3 foot law and which states have it?
A 3 foot law is currently on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk in California. In 2011 he vetoed a similar law.
comment Performing on long and tiring tour
Did you do this riding over two days, or was it all in a single day?
comment Is pollution a problem in urban cycling?
This is another study that shows bicyclists exposed to less pollution than other modes of transport ... but then we have this one which shows that high-intensity bike routes are pretty bad, too.
comment How to mount posters, bills or placards on a bicycle
But your legs would conceal the message quite oftenn :-(
comment Unconventional, pretty bicycle helmets
That's just plain crazy. Do you have one? How is it?
comment Unconventional, pretty bicycle helmets
The fact that you both suggest them and hesitate to trust them is a point against, but I think either way they'll be too hot for our climate (but pretty enough).
comment Unconventional, pretty bicycle helmets
There seems to be a lot of concern about how hot and humid it is here. Yes, it's hot and humid in Tel Aviv. But it's also an exceptionally flat and concentrated city - most rides are less than 5 km and without much elevation gain, and don't require much effort. Ventilation is important, but this isn't the worst place in the world to sacrifice ventilation for fashion.