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I'm a Senior Software Engineer at IRI in Chicago, Illinois. I am a general-purpose problem solver at the company, with responsibilities that include system architecture through development for both new and existing projects.

I primarily use Java, JavaScript and C++ professionally, and enjoy using Clojure for personal projects.

comment What are the pros and cons of a Turbo Trainer over Training Rollers?
This is a good list, so I'll just add to it: a con of a trainer is the tire wear. IME, rollers wear tires a lot more naturally (and slowly) than trainers do. I also think that trainers produce a lot more vibration than rollers do, so if you happen to be someone's upstairs neighbor keep that in mind.
comment What pressure should I run my Road Bike tyres at?
Interesting fact - hydroplaning on a bike is effectively impossible. See Sheldon Brown's page for details: sheldonbrown.com/tires.html#hydroplaning
comment Can someone give me a short description and comparison of the different road cycling pedal / shoe systems?
I find speedplays to have even easier entry than eggbeaters. They're double-sided and easily rotate into position; just push your foot down and you're in.
comment Bike lock for a Mountain bike with easily removable wheels
This this this. Probably doesn't mean buying a new lock for most people, or screwing around with different skewers. You might need to buy an extra cable (or chain, depending on where you live) for the front tire, but that's it.