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I left this blank for a long time. Then I realized I could earn a badge for typing a few keys. How many keys do I need to type?

comment Lock my bicycle on busy or quiet places?
Chain your bike to a dog and no one will touch it.
comment How to nonverbaly signal a drafting proposition to fellow cyclist?
"When your rear wheel is passing her front wheel (ie. about the time she can see you without having to turn her head), pat your upper butt/hip a couple of times on her side." signals the initiation of a gang execution. Under Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law you are allowed to use deadly force in self defense.
comment Why is it safer to bike with traffic, instead of facing oncoming cars?
@nhinkle I know there exist wrong way cyclists but to make an apples to apples comparison we have to compare law abiding with the flow versus law abiding against the flow cyclists (or alternatively law breaker with the flow versus law break against the flow cyclists).